Amir Ghannad, author of The Transformative Leader, is a captivating and sought-after keynote speaker on the topic of leadership development and culture transformation. He does not believe in cookie-cutter messages and tailors every presentation to the unique needs of the audience.

Let’s face it — We all know many of the timeless and universal principles of leadership. The value that a great speaker brings comes from understanding the audience, their goals and challenges, selecting the right content, and presenting it in a style and language that resonates with them and compels them to move beyond the constraints of the past and toward what’s possible. 

Rated the No.1 keynote presenter at the 2015 International Shingo Conference

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Amir Ghannad is among the best, brightest, friendliest, and most enthusiastic speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He’s a clear communicator with a can-do attitude who loves what he does and is happy to share what is working for him with others. It is my pleasure to recommend him in very strong terms to anyone who has managed to read this all the way to the end: Please do take the opportunity to work with Amir; you won’t regret it!”
— Geoff Micks Head of Marketing & Research at Executive Platforms
I was waiting in line to discuss your presentation today but thought it would be better (line was long) to write to you instead. I didn’t see any other folks lining up to talk to the presenters in any other sessions and I know you struck a chord!
— Message to Amir from event attendee
Amir, I just wanted to thank you again by saying that this was the best training that I have ever received in my 35 year career!
— Message to Amir from workshop attendee
I have my 3x5 card with my action plan on my desk. Thank you!
— Message to Amir from event attendee

Thank you for considering me as a speaker. I know just how important it is for you to find the right match for your event. I work best with organizations that are going for something big and have committed to a continuous process of pursuing their goals. If you have had a chance to review the material above and feel I may be the right speaker for your event, please email Naseem at to schedule a call with me, and we can jointly determine if we can create a win-win partnership.

- Amir Ghannad